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Chronic Back Pain
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Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, chronic headaches that cannot be relieved without medication? Or are you suffering whiplash, sciatica, disc injuries, or sports injuries? We offer natural therapies that require no medication that bring relief to many.
Therapeutic Exercise
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Therapeutic exercise promotes flexibility and strengthening in order to stabilize areas of weakness helping to prevent an injury from reoccurring. Schedude an exercise instruction session and take home the programs in order to maintain positive results.
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Call us today to schedule your Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination for CDL certification. We are a licensed "medical examiner" listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

  • Increases circulation
  • Speeds delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduces soreness and pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces adhesions
  • Speeds up recovery time
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Lowers chance of re-injury
  • Helps body to relax
  • Aids athletes recuperatate

Local & Professional

We are serving the local communities of Belchertown, Ware, Ludlow and the rest of the Pioneer Valley. Please contact us for more information about our practice and to see if Chiropractic care if for you!
Thomas Edison predicted, chiropractic physicians implement a natural method of health care with the proven ability to relieve back pain, increase vitality, and promote well-being. For over a century, doctors of chiropractic have successfully helped millions of individuals recover from spine-related health problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, chiropractic care has earned its place as the largest drug-less and non-surgical health care profession in the United States.
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